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I've always enjoyed the aspect of Helping one another. I am a certified leadership coach and have been a leader in the corporate world for abaout 20 years. 
I embarked on my first real adventure when I left the UK to move to the US by myself to a place I’d never even been to all at the age of 24. You may be thinking I was brave. I’m not sure I had really considered all that was involved, so I can’t use the same word. ;)
My family lineage were painters for Royal Dalton. It’s my claim to fame. I don’t actually have an artistic bone in my body, but I do love the arts and the Theater. If I could sing or dance, I swear I would be on Broadway. ;) The one place where I do try to apply the extent of my creativeness is copying a Pinterest project.
I was a Home Ec major in college and have always had a curious mind to health. What we eat, what we think, what we use all plays on our bodies abilities to carry us through life. Now I use my skills in making chemical free things for personal and household use. Its really fun.
I started to use essential oils as I got older. I’m not talking ancient, but somewhere in my 30’s I started to feel the stress and tiredness of every day life. I’d work, come home and sleep. My favorite comment became “I’m not 20 anymore”. Friday nights went from hanging out with friends to coming home from work and putting on PJ’s. It wasn’t that I was sick or anything like that but I didn’t have the energy to really do anything. Stress, time, every day stuff was taking over. My mum had a stroke at aged 49 and unfortunately for me, I got those high strung genes from her.My Dad is diabetic and not in the greatest health either. Somewhere in the midst of being tired, I realized I was only 10 years away from my mums first stroke. Something had to change.
Most recently my beloved partner was diagnosed with Epstein Barr Virus. If you don’t know what this is, it’s pretty rough and most of the time isn’t even diagnosed. We were lucky we knew what it was. It came with all kinds of symptoms and we made a decision to support the body and the symptoms naturally without the use of prescription or over the counter drugs. Besides, it’s a virus and antibiotics won’t work. It was long road and a 3 steps forward, 2 steps back recovery , but now we are out of the other end, we are grateful to what good food, natural health and a positive mind can do.
I’d love to pay forward what I have learned, what resources I go to and how to get you back on the track of living a vibrant healthy life.
What is my favourite oil? Valor
What was the last step of my toxin free house hold? Shampoo and Conditioner
Why am I blogging? To pay it forward
Where do you start? Email me. I will help you every step of the way.
How do I feel today? Pretty awesome
What’s one piece of advice? One good choice is better than none at all


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